WofOut is an easy and convenient way to list, find and book outdoor experiences around the world!

We believe that the tourism industry plays an important role in bringing wealth and prosperity to communities around the world. Also, sports activities can drive travelers to chose a specific destination, as seem for surfing spots, ski resorts, diving destinations and so on. Not to mention that health benefits of sport and physical activities are proven. As a result, people are placing a greater emphasis on health and fitness when taking a vacation. Seeking for sports activities and outdoor experiences to explore the outdoor wonders out there!

WofOut is for individuals, couples or families seeking for outdoor experiences when traveling. Search for your favorite sports activity or maybe try something new, whether visiting a new destination or returning for a well-known one. Enjoy the world from a different perspective.

WofOut is for local experts to list their sports activities and help tourists do what locals do! Cycling, hiking, skiing, snorkeling, surfing and more. Share your passion! Meet people as sports enthusiast as you are and exchange knowledge in a friendly environment.

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