The first time I heard about surfing in Morocco was a story at a surfing magazine in the late ’80s. In short, it was Tom Carroll and Gary Elkerton ripping perfect right-hand point breaks. At that time, I didn’t know anything about it: what breaks were that and where it was in Morocco. I was a teenager, and I hadn’t any means to visit Morocco anyways. However, the country figures on my surfing destinations list since then.

Thirty years later, there I went to explore the legendary Moroccan point breaks. The word “Taghazout” was utterly stuck on my mind, and I only could think about Anchor Point. Although I was going to meet and prospect local experts for WOFOUT, deep inside, my brain was telling myself that I was there for surfing. Nothing else matters.

My expectations were high; I have to admit. The quality, quantity, and variety have gone beyond my expectations, though. One after the other, diverse opportunities uncovers along the coast. The breaks suit all surfing levels, from first-time surfers to experienced wave riders.

Anchor Point: One of the Best Right Hand Point Breaks in Africa

Anchor Point is, indeed, a world-class surf spot. The wave is long, challenging, and rippable. It has different sections offering opportunities for turns, maneuvers, and barrels. During the winter, big swells coming from North hit the coast, making the spot shows its full potential.


Mystery in taghazout is an excellent surf spot for surfing in Morocco

Besides Anchor, there are plenty of different surf spots with excellent waves, such as Killers Point, Mystery, and Boiler. Heading South toward Tamraght, the next town in Agadir direction, there are more good waves available: Devils Rock, Banana Point, and Spyders, among others. Those not interested in dealing with driving, parking, and searching for the best surfing conditions, the Surf Safari Guiding Morocco package is a safe bet for scoring the best waves without wasting time.

One The Best Destinations to Learn Surfing

The Taghazout-Tamraght region is one of the best destinations to learn surfing. There are many high-quality, smooth waves for those aiming to try surfing for the first time. Not to mention to intermediates surfers, who can whether to improve their surfing skills on the easier spots or try a bit of a challenge on the advanced ones.

A great variety of surf hostels, surf camps, and surf schools offer accommodation combined with surfing lessons and yoga sessions. Whether staying at Taghazout or Tamraght, there are diverse options on offer, and excellent surfing is guaranteed. One can join a full-week Taghazout Surf Lessons Packages or a just short stay Learn to Surf Package to get a break from daily routine.

Taghazout is a classic surf town. Its life turns around surfing. Tamraght, even though surfing plays an essential role in its economy, it’s quieter and more traditional.

Get Amazed by the Outdoors in Morocco

Besides surfing, Morocco is a destination offering a wealth of diversity for exploring its amazing outdoor landscapes. Continuing in the water sports domain, Kitesurfing courses in Essaouira is a must. For those interested in diving more in-depth in the Berber culture, try an Atlas Mountain Trekking Day Trip to combine outdoor activities in Morocco with cultural immersion. Also, the Marrakech Desert Tour to Erg Chebbi & Camel Trekking w/ Local Nomades is an enriching Moroccan adventure holiday.

Trekking in the Atlas Mountains is a cool sports experience combining outdoor activity with the Berber culture

There are many other options and opportunities for adventure travelers and thrill-seekers in general, in Morocco. I’ll go back there again for sure, for visiting other places and try different experiences. Anchor Point, however, is still ringing deep on my mind.