Portugal offers world-class waves, being one of the best European surfing destinations. There are all kinds of waves along its 1.230 km of coastline in continental Portugal – from classic point-breaks and A-frame beach-breaks to Nazare’s giant waves. The World Surf League (WSL) held a professional surfing competition every year at Supertubos in Peniche. Not to mention the big waves contest, the Nazare Challenge at Praia do Norte. The country made its way into the world surfing scenario.

Great Surf Spots Variety

Lisbon is, unquestionably, one of the best surf cities in the world. From the city center, heading towards the Municipality of Cascais along the coastline, there is such a variety of excellent surf spots. Just 15 min drive and the sequence starts at Santo Amaro de Oeiras, then Carcavelos, Paredes, Sao Pedro de Estoril, and so on. A bit further on the west coast, the beautiful Praia do Guincho is one of the best beach breaks around. Going south, on the other side of the Tejo River is Costa da Caparica.

Due to the variety of surf spots and variables regarding tides, wind and swell direction it worth contacting a local surf guide mainly if you don’t have too much time to spend searching for the best surfing conditions. By the way, not having your surfing equipment is not an excuse. One can easily rent a good surfboard and wetsuits. Also, there are many surf schools for beginners. For those planning to give a try on surfing, Lisbon is a good bet. 

All Year Round Surfing

There are surfing conditions all year round, being winter when the biggest swells hit the Portuguese coast. Summer, however, still provides excellent, but smaller, waves. Although it’s one of the warmest European countries, wetsuits are necessary (suggestion: 3/2 in the summer, 4/3 in the winter). 

Portugal is one of the oldest states in Europe. At the end of the 15th. Century Portuguese explorers started what is today referred to as the Age of Discovery. The Iberian country established the first global empire. A surf-trip to Lisbon comes with a significant historical and cultural background, not to mention its wild nightlife. And the food is top!