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Isola di Capri

Capri is a great hiking destination

Capri is one of the most beautiful destinations I’ve ever been. Its mountainous landscape combined with the turquoise blue sea is mesmerizing. It makes a splendid hiking destination.

Capri is a Hiking Destination

The Hiking Paths

There are a couple of hiking paths in Capri. The highlight is the Path of the Little Forts. It starts (or ends) at Faro the Punta Carena and heads all the way to the Grotta Azzurra. It takes around 2/3 hours with stunning views. It’s a medium level of difficulty, there are many ups and downs. To conclude it swimming at the Blue Grotte is a must! Note, however, that it’s not allowed to swim while tour boats are going in and out the grotto. You will need to wait after 5 pm. Also, do not forget to take your water supply. Tip: ask for melanzane alla parmigiana or gnocchi at the cliff bistro perched over the Blue Grotte.

Hiking the Fortini Path
Fortini Path

The hiking tour along Pizzolungo coastal path is another good choice. Besides the spectacular view of Faraglione, the iconic rock on the sea, the highlights are the Arco Naturale and the Grotta di Matermania. Also, the walk to Villa Jovis and the walk to Monte Solaro from Anacapri are worth taking. Unfortunately, Via Krupp, considered one of the prettiest roads in the world, was closed.

Hiking to Arco Naturale
Impressive Arco Naturale

Turquoise Blue Sea

In addition to being a hiking destination, Capri is, on the other hand, perfect for chilling out and sipping glasses of white wine. The spectacular turquoise blue sea, though, is an invitation for swimming workouts. For those willing to it, the Marina Piccola beach is your place. There are, however, too many boats around what makes a bit creepy to swim. Be careful!

Swimming in the Grotta Azzurra
Swimming in the Grotta Azzurra

The Commune de Capri is charming, cozy, and stylish, yet expensive. There are many good accommodations option. Not to mention its delicious Mediterranean cuisine. I love it!


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